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Golden Aromatherapy Workshop Schedule
The Golden Aromatherapy Workshop - at a Special Discounted Introductory Price!
Aromatherapy for  Love, Purification, Healing, Prosperity, and much more.

For the first time Golden Aromatherapy will begin presenting courses on this Fascinating Subject!

The Golden Aromatherapy Class: GOLDEN AROMATHERAPY LEVEL I
8 hour intensive   An 8 Hour Intensive,

Course Instructor: Rocky Patel, Founder Golden Aromatherapy

This class is inspired by Teachings given to Rocky by his Spiritual Teacher.                

Topics include:

The Color Frequencies and Energetic Properties of Essential Oils, each essential oil has its own unique properties.  

The predominate Color of Energy contained in Individual Essential Oils, learn how to feel for which colors of energy that an individual essential oil contains.

Participate in experiments to actually feel how different essential oils can energize or inhibit energy centers.

Learn how to Bless and Energize Essential Oils with Divine Healing Energy, Prosperity, and Love

For Healing you will learn which essential oils to use during healing sessions, to help speed up healing times, and minimize contamination to the practitioner.

For prosperity learn which essential oils activate the basic energy center, and which ones help Attract Business Clients to you, and how to disintegrate poverty consciousness and negative thought forms about money.

For Love, you will also learn which essentials oils can be used for healing relationships, and helping attract love to you.

Aromatherapy for Emotional Ailments , and helping to release such emotions as Anger, Anxiety, inability to Forgive, and Fear.

Learn about Stress Reduction, and how to release pent up emotions, and even to relieve daily stress energies.

Aromatherapy for physical ailments including healing support for Cancer, High Blood Pressure or Hypertension, and many more

Aromatherapy for Energetic Protection,  and ways to help disintegrate unwanted energies that may have penetrated the energy information field.

Techniques and formulas for energetically Clearing Spaces of negative or dirty energies.

Disintegrate negative connections that may be connected to the different energy centers and the physical body.

Powerful recipes for Bath and Salt Scrubs for purification of the energy centers and energy information field.

Techniques for improving Clairvoyance, and helping cleanse the energy bodies to see more clearly.
Special techniques to prepare for deep meditation and "Flying in the Inner World"

Beauty, and Rejuvenation, including which essential oils can be used to remove stored Stress Energy from the skin, and to help minimize new wrinkles on the face from forming.

Aromatherapy techniques for massage, to help purify the clients, and help to help minimize contamination of the practitioner.

The use of energized essential oils in candles, that enhance the purifying effects of using candles.

Formulate your own aromatherapy sprays depending on which type of energies you are wanting the spray to contain.

Learn about adding essential oils to your skin creams, and soaps, to enhance the healing and purifying properties of the creams and soap.

Included are many personal Recipes and Techniques for  Love, Purification, Prosperity, and much more....and how you can make your own essential oil blends..