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A Symphony of Colored Energy and Aromatic Scents

We are proud to announce the release of our new book A Symphony of Colored Energy and Aromatic Scents. This book will help you understand how to use essential oils to improve your relationships, finances, spiritual connections, and your health all based on the teachings provided to Rocky Patel by his Spiritual Teacher.

The book has 242 pages and contains 28 chapters that cover a broad range of subjects, including:

  • The color frequencies and energetic properties of Essential Oils
  • The predominate Color of Energy contained in Essential Oils
  • How different Essential Oils cause the energy centers to which they are applied to grow or decrease in size.
  • How to bless and consecrate Essential Oils with Divine Healing, Prosperity, and Love Energy
  • And many others that will help your energy centers!
This book is available in both print and ebook at:

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