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Ananda Combo Pack - Ananda Spray+Ananda Oil+Ananda Cream
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Ananda Spray, Ananda Oil, and Ananda Cream

4 oz Ananda Spray, .08 oz Ananda Oil, 2 oz Ananda Cream

Discover the 1 Simple Trigger that Forces You to Repel Negative Energies and Thought Forms PLUS Quickly, Easily and Naturally

Align with (and Rapidly Attract) Your Dreamiest Desires

Is Negative Energy Leaching Your Law of Attraction Manifestation Power, Ruining Your Health, Repelling Prosperity

Or Generally Preventing You from

Creating and Experience a Life You’ll Love?

· Instantly cut old, negative connections, and better yet—eliminate new one before they take root when you spray it (Daily for best practice) on your Solar Plexus

· Go Deep. Purifying your energetic body at your CENTERS

· Cleanse and repair holes in your energetic information field

· Attract prosperity, abundance and your ideal clients

· Banish negative relationships (plus attract a blossoming fever or romance into your life—the safe and healthy way!)

· Experience vibrant health—the kind that keeps you energized all day long

· Sink deep into meditation, restoring your body, mind and spirit

· Create the calm, centered flow you need to maintain positive focus, and transform your life

“If you’re a healer, energy worker, therapist or Life-Creator…

You’ll love it so much that you’ll want to

Use it everyday, on everything…”


You’re about to discover the one simple TRIGGER that forces you to repel negative energies and thought forms; the old ones you can’t seem to get rid of,

PLUS the ones that invade your space and cling to your energy body every day…eliminating them—quickly, easily, naturally and with a single spritz--allowing you to finally align with exactly what you desire—attract it—and keep it close to you the way you want… no matter what your desire.

If this sounds like what you’ve been missing, you’ll want to stop now and listen—because this may be the most important and most powerful energy healing technique you’ve ever heard.

From the Desk of Rocky Patel, World’s Expert on Aromatherapy Healing and Transformation

Hi co-creator, healer, and lover of life!

This is Rocky, spiritual expert on how to leverage the power of Golden Aromatherapy to eliminate the negative from your life, get into alignment, and finally begin SEEING—really SEEING all those things you desire appear in your life.

As you may have heard, I’m blessed enough to be sought out by energy healers, massage therapists, and everyday people who want to enhance their life…and to create amazing prosperity, boundless health, unbreakable emotional and mental and spiritual abundance, attract deep romantic connection…
and even more clients and money.

All by leveraging the power of unique aromatherapy

Blends to purify, cleanse and pave the pathway to the

Life you’ve been working so hard to attract.

Since I’m privileged to work with an endless stream of healers…

And be recognized as THE trusted trainer in this field

I’m going to make a prediction…

Your life is following 1 of 2 paths

Pathway #1 : You’re feeling hopeless, lost, or frustrated in your constant pursuit to help yourself, and perhaps your clients attract all the things you love---and banish all those experiences you don’t want—


Pathway #2: You’ve felt like you get the hang of it, only to have the rug pulled out from under your feet and wind up in the same old rut as before.

Sound familiar, doesn’t it?

I Know. Because we’ve all been there.

Truth is, if you’ve been working on creating your reality, and you don’t have exactly what you want already—there are 3 reliable reasons.

3 Reasons You’re Negative Energy

Forces You to Fail…Instead of Succeed

Reason #1: First of all, you aren’t in alignment.

Reason #2: Second, once you get into alignment, all the negative energy swirling around you makes it IMPOSSIBLE to continue attracting what you want.

Reason #3: The REAL biggie…once you let those negative connection take root in the energy centers, they began wrapping roots around other organs in your body---branch out to other energy centers—and even ensnare your subconscious mind.

Transforming you from a manifestation magnet, into a negative, no-progress human being—one who’s certainly not having the experience that you want.

Am I right, or am I right?

The answer is quite simple.

In fact, you could be one daily spritz away from automatically

Becoming a manifestation magnet—without all that


You’ve been told you must do by books like

The Secret or The Law of Attraction.

As you can imagine, you can have everything you desired.

I’ll share the easiest way I and my clients know shortly.

And I’m confident, that after you learn this discovery,

I’m sure you’ll be enamored enough to at least give it a shot.

Especially since it’s far cheaper than constantly hiring a coach or guru to tell you the same thing—over and over again…

What might they say, you ask…

You already know.

“Stop thinking negative thoughts

So you don’t attract negative events…”

There, see, I saved you 10 months of paying a guru to talk at you.

Amazing, right? Wrong.

If it were that easy, you wouldn’t be here, looking for the solution that’s right in front of your face.

As You May Have Heard

There’s ANOTHER Hidden Force at Play…

Clingy, Disgusting Negative Energies

Here’s the truth:

The only way you’ll experience change. I mean TRUE. LIFELONG. Unbreakable change, is by identifying what you’re missing…

And then taking IMMEDIATE inspired action .

In fact, ‘too much thinking and debating about what to do’

And ‘too little inspired’ action is the reason…

Is WHY your list of “things I haven’t manifested” keeps growing …and your list of “happy and grateful” pales by comparison!

It’s the reason WHY you easily see more negative in your life , than positive.

It’s WHY you’re still nervous when it comes to taking action .

Because until now it’s felt like all your focused, exhausting energy has amounted to very little at least not in the way you dreamed or imagined.

As you may have heard, before I discovered what I’m about to reveal to you today, I was in the EXACT same boat you were.

Struggling. Frustrated.

Not sure what to do next.

That’s before I became inspired to create Golden Aromatherapy.

And now get paid to travel the world, teaching the principles that help you breakthrough to a life you’ll love —physically, energetically, spiritually—and in amazing health and prosperity.

Still, it was one single POWERFUL aromatic life-changer that recently helped me and my clients (who are people just like you) continually eliminate and repel negative energy…

Which as you know makes manifestation and creating and EXPERIENCING the life you want so much easier .

What Was This Inspired Action?

The One that Changed My Life…

And Helped Me Put Negativity Behind Me FOREVER?


I was inspired to call it Ananda spray…and yes, that’s a name I downloaded straight from the universal consciousness …it’s one of those inspired actions that helped me open my eyes and make sense of what I’d been missing.

What I, and our customers love most about Ananda spray isn’t just that it helps you repel negative energy and get into alignment with what you desire.

Or because it’s scent is absolutely ENCHANTING.

What you’ll discover, as have 1,000’s of healers, therapists and customers, is that one simple side-ways spray of this across your body —or the body of anyone who’s stressing you out—has been anecdotally proven to…

· Instantly cut old, negative connections, and better yet—eliminate new one before they take root when you spray it (Daily for best practice) on your Solar Plexus

· Go Deep. Purifying your energetic body at your CENTERS

· Cleanse and repair holes in your energetic information field

· Attract prosperity, abundance and your ideal clients

· Banish negative relationships (plus attract a blossoming fever or romance into your life—the safe and healthy way!)

· Experience vibrant health—the kind that keeps you energized all day long

· Sink deep into meditation, restoring your body, mind and spirit

· Create the calm, centered flow you need to maintain positive focus, and transform your life

· And what about loved ones? Customers say Ananda is especially useful for cutting negative cords on children, and helping loved ones who impact you most to take a deep breath, de-stress, and decontaminate from unwanted energies after a hard day at work

· Prevent collection of negative energies by spraying on movie theater and bus seats—even disintegrates stressful energies at the office!

· And what about leveraging the power of transformation by spritzing Ananda in every room, where people sit (and leave their energies) on your furniture, and even the window treatments that prevent intrusion from the outside world---just imagine how that might cleanse, rejuvenate and protect your space.

· Even spray on to restore balanced energy to your crystals, jewelry, pendants, purses, shawls, wallets —to rid them of negative energy and help them radiate and vibrate exactly how you need.

· In fact, healers love spraying down tools and their space with Ananda after every session…because it naturally cleanses—while minimizing and defending against unavoidable negative contamination .

The best part?

It works, naturally

You see, Ananda is chalked full of the exact colored energy blend you need to create results in your life , and if you want to—in the life of clients…because this unique concoction energetically permeates every person, place and thing upon which you spray it--eliminating and blocking negative energy normally absorbed by your favorite objects…

Of course, you can’t get Ananda spray unless you order here today. And after you begin to experience all of your frustrations disappearing and your manifestations rapidly begin appearing---you’ll probably be like most of our customers who want to order in bulk to make sure you’re never without…

It’s almost impossible to understand

How powerfully this life-tool will

Alter your life-experience until you spray-it for yourself...

Still sometimes, it’s best to hear what others think before you buy Ananda today. Right?

Healers and clients love it.

Which brings up MY personal favorite use…

You see, unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced, Ananda works wonders in one, VITAL experience many of us don’t realize we even experience every day.

How? By stopping those negative connections from taking root and gaining stranglehold deep into your energy centers—and even prevent these energies from ensnaring your organs and ruining your health.

As an expert I can tell you that if I could only start with ONE aromatherapy spray, Ananda would be it. In my heart of hearts, I’ve seen it work miracles so I know it’s more powerful than most people can imagine.

Countless people have called and written in, thanking us for creating this because the more they use Ananda, the less they experience this energetic trauma. In fact, customers claim that daily use literally CUTS the unauthorized, negative, and contaminating energies that suck you dry of all ability to self-heal.

And some healers even go so far as to say “Ananda Shortens Healing Times”. Maybe that’s because it contains a myriad of colored energies. Maybe that’s because of the other subconscious, and subliminal benefits it attracts from the energetic spaces around you…

It’s like all those mysteries that can neither be defined, nor discovered—we just know the work!

Beyond the fact that top healers, and people just like you and me have been using Ananda spray daily to cut, disintegrate and banish negative thought forms for years.

Is There a Guarantee?

Of Course! Love Ananda, and See REAL Results…


We know you’ll love Ananda.

We want you--and if you’re a healer--your clients to experience this powerful, yet gentle gift from the Universe.

That’s why Ananda is guaranteed to work , no matter how rough your life, how many unauthorized energies are sapping you, or how negative you’ve been feeling.

Try it for 10 days and prove

You’re making the right decision.

Love it, or simply contact me for a full refund.

That’s Right. Simply spray, and walk away.

Far simpler than trying to control every thought, and space you enter. And far less exhausting , wouldn’t you agree?

Plus unlike other products--Ananda is crafted into the concise energetic color balance you need in each state—almost like a shape shifter that delivers your greatest imaginable life.

Ready to Experience Results?

Stop Dreaming

Stop Reading “The Secret” Success Stories

Stop Living Life through “Imagination”

And Put Ananda to Work for Your Destiny…

100% Risk-Free Right Now

By now you’ve seen why I and my closest family members and friends REACH for Ananda every time we feel the emotional body start to wobble.

You’ve heard from healers and everyday people like you and I who LOVE the results they experience —quite rapidly in fact—from Ananda.

People who keep ordering and ordering and ordering and so they can use it every day, to eliminate reality poisoning energies…and cutting away the negative old…and treacherous new.

So there’s just one more thing you need to know about Ananda.

Because it’s so highly sought after by healers and therapists, we often sell out.

Creating Ananda requires an expertise you can’t find anywhere else. So if you know you need this now.

I’ve removed all the risk.

You have the 10 day money back guarantee meaning you should now feel safe about your decision to buy Ananda now. So make sure you get it now while it’s still available.

If you don’t, how will tomorrow be any different than today. I know you’ve been looking for awhile, just like I did. And I know how frustrating it can be to try thing after thing and never see the results you imagined. Now is your time to begin seeing those changes. Remember, you’re 100% guaranteed to experience everything I’ve told you here, and a few amazing things the powers that be won’t even let me say.

As my favorite guru used to always say, “If you want better results, you have to invest in better products” and boy was he right.

That’s why I’m bringing this to you now—why you’ve been called here, because when you invest, you not only shift your own energy and life—you shift the lives of others.

So thank you.

All you must do now is decide if you want to buy one now—or if you’re smart enough to stock up and get Ananda in bulk—so it’s there every time you need it. No matter what you’re getting the negative energy elimination aromatherapy spray you need…all you’ll have to do is use daily on yourself—and anyone else or anywhere else you need. Just like we talked about.

Even spray when your intuition tells you. Nows the time to take action, before we sell out and your stocks run dry when you need Ananda most—so simply choose how much you’d like to save on this powerful, gentle healing aid for the unbelievably affordable special offers you’ll see on the page after you click the button below.

To Your Health, Wealth and Happiness,

Rocky Patel

THE World Expert on Energetic Aromatherapy and Healing

P.S. The best prices you’ll find on eliminating negative energies—both old and the ones you battle every day—can be found when you.

If you’ve been imagining your life better—and it’s just not working, consider why you’ve been led here today. If you truly understood how the Law of Attraction and Energy Healing worked, you’d have your answer just by reading the page.

Don’t take my word for it though. Just ask these other happy Ananda success stories!

Every Moment You Wait…

Is a Moment You Miss

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